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City to Reclaim Road History

On Saturday Feb 25 the City of South Pasadena will dedicate at least one of three Route 66 road signs to be stenciled onto Fair Oaks Avenue to commemorate the 90th Anniversary year of U.S. Highway 66. Fair Oaks was part of two different alignments of the iconic highway that traversed our city from 1926 to 1982.

A brief ceremony will take place at 11 am on Feb 25 at the corner of Fair Oaks Av and Mission Street. Several California and community champions of local heritage, including Mayor Pro-tem Dr. Richard Schneider and State Senator Anthony Portantino will help dedicate the historic emblems. The signs will be painted on the pavement adjacent to Fair Oaks Pharmacy, Comerica Bank and the Rialto Theater. Glen Duncan, president of the California Historic Route 66 Association explained the reason behind stenciled emblems: “typical metal signs along the roadside tend to disappear, becoming collector’s items, but no one will steal the road.”

The Association will offer memberships, memorabilia, and refreshments and exhibit a wealth of historical information about America’s historic “main street.” The public is invited to participate, learn about Route 66 heritage and be a part of its history.

  • All new individual members will receive a free Route 66 hat
  • New business members will get appropriate signage to attract heritage tourists:
  • Route 66 hats and maps and books will also be available for sale

Brad Colerick, South Pasadena’s local maestro of Americana music will also be on hand to dedicate his next album entitled “91030” which will feature a cover photo of Brad at one of the Route 66 commemorative signs.