Located in the middle of the Cajon Pass is a monument that marks an intersection of the Santa Fe and the Salt Lake Trails.  The monument was erected in 1917.

Originally known as the Mormon Road (1847 - 1855), it stretched from Salt Lake City to San Bernardino.  Later, the Salt Lake Trail (1855 - 1905), used the same alignment but went further, into Los Angeles.

The Santa Fe Trail was used starting in 1821.  It came from Santa Fe, New Mexico.  The section from Santa Fe to California is commonly known as the Old Spanish Trail.  The entire Sante Fe Trail roughly stretched from Missouri to California.

The Santa Fe trail went north here into Crowder Canyon.  Later, in 1861, The John Brown Toll Road would use this route.  And later still, Old National Trails Highway would use this route in 1912.  This paved road was rerouted in 1915 which Route 66 would later use in 1926.

The Mormon Road originally went northwest from here, roughly along the route of Hwy 138.  It then climbed a steep ridge to the north.

Both trails meet up again near Victorville, and followed the Mojave River north to Barstow and beyond.

Face of Monument