Historic Landmarks

Here are some places designated as historical landmarks along Route 66 in California. We’ve compiled these places that might interest you as they also include historical and nostalgic significance – some related to Route 66 and some that are simply along or near Route 66.

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A map of the points of interest along Route 66.  Click on a 66 shield to learn about that segment.


Below is an alphabetical list of the points of interest along Route 66 in California.

Blue Cut Monument

Blue Cut was originally a rest area for Route 66.  It was named for the bluish tint on the rugged hillside to the south.  This bluish rugged hillside is the…

Daggett Garage

Daggett is one of the oldest towns in the entire Mojave Desert.  When the Santa Fe railroad arrived in 1882, Daggett began as a major railroad town.  Because…

Danby Rest Area Monument

Several organizations were resonsible for erecting the Danby Rest Area Monument.  It is located next to the large parking area that used to serve as the rest…

Santa Fe and Salt Lake Trail Monument

Located in the middle of the Cajon Pass is a monument that marks an intersection of the Santa Fe and the Salt Lake Trails.  The monument was erected in 1917.…